Highs and lows of writing

It has been an odd 12 months (for everyone and everything, not just for my writing), there have been both highs and lows in my writing since I last up dated my website. Last year I was thrilled to be nominated for the BFS 2020 Best Newcomer Award for my collection Suffer Little Children, and also to have my short story¬†Dendrochronolgy nominated for Best Short Story, and although I didn’t win, I was awarded this wonderful “Making up Words with Friends” trophy for my prowess at on-line scrabble by my fellow nominee (and dual award winner) Laura Mauro.

It was also my year for rejections. In 2020 I managed to write a novella, 10 short stories and a poem. The novella Matryoshka I am happy to say is being published by Hersham Horror on April 21st, and the poem was published as part of the Sinister Horror company’s Christmas Advent Calender. Of the remaining stories (and some that I completed in 2019) I submitted them 25 times: I have so far received 17 rejections (In addition to my own I also received two for someone called Jenny, please give her my condolences, and one for a completely different author who had subbed to the same anthology), 3 acceptances, 1 invite that is still pending final acceptance, and there are still 4 open submissions I am waiting to hear back from. For me that waiting is the hardest bit of the writing process,¬† though that rejection smarts when it pings into your inbox (I scored bonus points last year for shortest time before a rejection when a short story was rejected in 2 minutes). On the plus side a quick rejection does mean that you can get that story ready to be submitted once again.