I am appallingly bad at updating this website, or actually writing anything of any interest within these pages (my critics may say any pages). But I thought I’d better do a post with how things have been going so far this year. On a personal note I have now moved house, so have escaped landlocked Leicester and now have a beautiful sea view from my new house (building site) in Devon, my study sensibly has no view, it doesn’t even have a window.

From a writing point of view there have been ups and downs this year. On the upside I have had my first collection “Suffer Little Children” published by Black Shuck Books (thank you to Steve Shaw for publishing it, and to everyone who has read, reviewed, or taken the time to let me know what they think of it, it is greatly appreciated).

I’ve also had an invite to an anthology published by Hersham Horror called “The Woods” which was edited by Phil Sloman, and an acceptance into an anthology published by Things in the Well called “Trickster’s Treats #3: The Seven Deadly Sins Edition” which was edited by Marie O’Regan and Lee Murray.

In August I attended Worldcon in Dublin for the first time. Where I threw myself into proceedings with gusto. Participating as a panellist and as part of the Skulk players play reading, as well as going to as many other panels, talks, readings and literary beers as I could manage.

Coming up on Saturday 5th October I have been invited to chair a panel at the Crossroads festival in Leicester to discuss writing rules and when to break them. My panellists are the outstanding authors Alison Moore, Irfan Master and Shereen Malherbe. If you fancy coming up to see it, or to take part in any other aspects of the Crossroads writing festival then information and tickets can be found here.

Later in October I will be attending Fantasycon which I am really looking forward to, as it is a great time to meet friends both new and old, and always an amazing place to pick up new writing tips.

Then on the 27th October I will be at Horrorcon in Taunton selling my wares with a whole host of other amazing horror authors. If you fancy coming along then information and tickets can be found here.

In regards to writing lows. I set myself the target this year of writing and submitting 12 short stories to open submissions, and although I managed to stick to this through the start of the year (and had even managed to write and submit more than one a month so had some in the bank for when I moved house). A very stressful move, and now having to juggle work, life and building works, means that I have fallen behind on this and my current tally stands at 7 stories written and submitted. Of these stories one is still holding on for dear life in the submission process, one was accepted, and 5 have been rejected. Though whenever a new rejection pops up in my inbox, I am trying to think of new markets to submit the stories to.

So long story short, if you find yourself at any of the writing events I’m attending this month, please come up and say “Hi”. It’ll be lovely to meet you, and I promise not to bore to much with tales of plumbers and builders.