If you’ve found your way here, there is a good chance that you should be doing something else. So how about having a go at one of these writing prompts instead.

Procrastination no. 10

As I’ve just got back from my holidays to Crete, I thought that this week’s prompt would be on a Cretan theme. The Phaistos Disc was discovered on the island of Crete in 1908, there have been many unsuccessful attempts made to decipher the disc’s code. What do you think is written on the disc? Use this as the basis for a short story.


Procrastination no. 9

“The tentacle wrapped itself round my leg, the stinging fronds burning my skin. Pressing against the ceramic edge, I leapt from the bath.”

This week is Halloween 🎃, so I want you to think of your biggest fear (mine is jellyfish, they have no brain 😲). Using this write a horror story in two sentences only.

Procrastination no. 8

“Along the Long Road and on down the Causeway
Do they still meet there by the Cut?”

“High Hopes” by Pink Floyd

A good song can transport us to another place. Listen to your favourite song, then take one of its lines and use that as inspiration for a short story.

Procrastination no. 7

This weekend was Fantasycon 😀 and as always there were hundreds of panels covering everything from horror to high fantasy, poetry to novel writing. This week I want you to take a step out of your comfort zone and choose a style of writing that you have never written before. Maybe it’s an erotic tale, or a modern contemporary piece, or an old fashioned whodunit. Whatever the style is; the setting is at a writing convention. Have fun 😀.

Procrastination no. 6

“It wasn’t the first time that I’d opened this particular door; but it was the first time I’d had to shut it without venturing through.”

Write a short story using the above sentence as inspiration.

Procrastination no. 5

In celebration of me finally joining the 21st century, and giving in and purchasing a smartphone, why not try this exercise.

Think of an incident, e.g. Someone being left at the altar, an argument, getting stranded because your car has a blow out in the front left hand tyre. Then write the incident in the following time periods: Before every house had a landline phone, the late 80’s/ early 90s when mobile phones were just becoming popular, and the current day when everyone has a smartphone.

How does the time period affect your story? Is a telegram delayed on its way to the church, does a social media post mean that a cheating spouse gets found out, does a creepy house have the only phone for miles?

Procrastination no. 4

You are walking down the street, when you catch sight of this out of the corner of your eye. Write a mini-saga based on this image. A mini-saga is slightly different to flash fiction as it must be 50 words long exactly, and the title must be 6 words exactly.

He’s watching you.

Procrastination no. 3


Two people are having an argument. Write the conflict so it happens in an internal location where it is difficult to leave (e.g. a workplace, getting ready for bed, jail cell). Then write the same conflict as if it happens outside. How does the ability to leave the situation affect the interaction and the pace of the narrative?

Procrastination no. 2

Differences in voice and character

There is a line of people waiting in a bank; a man, a mother and daughter, and an elderly couple. The man at the front of the line steps forward to the teller and pulls out a gun, and shouts “Hands up! This is a robbery.”

Write this scene from each of the different points of view; the robber, the other people in line, the teller, the security guard, and an onlooker walking past the window.

Procrastination no. 1

Pick a book at random and open it to page 52. Go down to line 7, and using that line as inspiration write a short story.