“Hunted” Flash Flood (June 2015)

“Origami” Ad Hoc Fiction (July 2015)

Over Land, Over Sea, book Penny Jones write
“What’s in a name?” Over Land, Over Sea: poems for those seeking refuge (December 2015) Five Leaves Publications


Do Something - with Penny Jones author
(Reprint) “What’s in a name?” and “Pin Money” Do Something (July 2016) Factor Fiction


Welcome to Leicester - with Penny Jones writer
“Fishpaste” Welcome to Leicester: Poems About the City (October 2016) Dahlia Publishing


You Left Your Biscuit Behind, with Penny Jones author
“That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles” You Left Your Biscuit Behind (December 2016) Fox Spirit Books


Great British Horror 2 - with Penny Jones writer
“Non-standard Construction” Great British Horror 2 – Dark Satanic Mills (September 2017) Black Shuck Books


“The Farm” Dark Voices (July 2018) LVP Publications



“Swimming out to Sea” The Black Room Manuscripts vol four (October 2018) Sinister Horror Company


“Along the Long Road” (October 2018) Fox Spirit Books



“Boiler” The Fine-toothed Comb (February 2019)


Suffer Little Children (May 2019) Black Shuck Books




“Dendrochronology” The Woods (July 2019) Hersham Horror




“The Final Cut” Trickster’s Treats #3: The Seven Deadly Sins Edition (October 2019) Things In The Well



(Reprint) “What’s in a name?” as “Cosa c’è in un nome?” Per terra e per mare: Poesie per chi è in cerca di rifugio (September 2020) Civic Leicester



“Our Little Secret” Corona-Nation Street (October 2020) Burdizzo Books



“The Lepidopterist” Emerge (October 2020) Green Ink Writers’ Gym



“A Visit from Ol’ Nick” Sinister Horror Advent Calender (December 2020) Sinister Horror Company



“The Deer” Voices (January 2021) Sinister Horror Company



Matryoshka (April 2021) Hersham Horror