Fun times and not updating your website

If you happened across my website you might have believed that there was little going on in this writer’s mind, as I have been somewhat lax in the last 12 months with updating my website. (Those weekly writers prompts, have been anything but prompt, but don’t say I didn’t warn you, I did!) There has however been a lot of fiction writing happening. I have finished and edited my first novel, which I have started sending out to editors, and I’ve had three new short stories published this year (you can find details of these over on my bibliography page).

Much fun and shenanigans has also been happening with trips to Edinburgh Horrorcon, EdgeLit, Fantasycon (Thanks must go to the wonderful Jim Mcleod from Gingernuts of Horror whose photo from Fantasycon I have shamelessly stolen), and later this month I will be at my last convention of the year SledgeLit. So although I may have been a little lax on posting here, there is still stuff going on. Maybe my new years resolution next year will be to actually keep on top of all the admin stuff (but probably not).