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Haunted Houses at Hollycombe

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Haunted House at Hollycombe

Ye Haunted Cottage was built by Orton & Spooner in the early 1900’s. It is one of the oldest haunted houses that you can still go inside. Although people were obviously more easily scared in the olden days, it is still worth going for a stroll round it. A real piece of fairground history. It can be found atĀ Hollycombe Steam In The CountryĀ in Hampshire.



Web(sites) and (Google)spiders

Or the horror of setting up your website

As a writer I can see the pros of using computers (mainly the ease of reading my notes when typed, rather than having to try and decipher the scrawling which is my handwriting), and the joys of the internet (the convention buzz never has to end).

Edge Lit T-shirt

However I have been putting off getting my own website set up, I only caved in because Steve Shaw of Black Shuck Books wanted to know my website details for my bio in the upcoming anthology Dark Satanic Mills which you can findĀ here.

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