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Well last year was the first year that I didn’t manage my new years resolution. I had resolved to write and submit twelve short stories, one per month, and things went well until about May when life, work, health, and lots of other excuses got in the way. So in the end, last year I actually wrote and submitted:

10 Short stories 


5 Non-fiction articles

So not too bad, but not quite what I was hoping to achieve. So this year I am going to be a bit more organised with my writing. I have already written and submitted two non-fiction articles, and I have tweaked my synopsis and cover letter for my novel and submitted that to a publisher. I have also managed to kick the gremlins out of my website, so it all looks pretty again.

Goals for the rest of the year are again to write and submit twelve short stories (I already have outlines for three stories and know which open submissions I want to send them to). On top of that I currently have one invite to an anthology (I’m always open to more of these 😀), I want to finish work on my first collection, and I have another novel in the pipeline.

Hope you all have a wonderful year, and good luck to you all, whatever your resolutions are.