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This Saturday I am making my way across to deepest, darkest Derby, to attend the friendliest convention ever Sledge-Lit, the sister convention to its summer twin Edge-Lit (and yes it is only called that because Alex Davies who runs it loves a good pun).

Now usually you can find me at the bar, but this year I will have to remain sober(ish) as I am one of the guest speakers. I am running a workshop at 10.30, then I am chairing a panel on social media at 14.30, which will see me picking the very talented brains of Stephen Aryan, Daniel Marc Chant, Claire North and Mark West. Then at 16.30 I am on a horror panel with the amazing Simon Clark, Alison Littlewood, Justin Park and Sarah Pinborough.

My highlights of the day though will be the dual launch for Dark Minds Press who are launching their anthology Impostor Syndrome, and Fox Spirit Books who are launching Tracy Fahey’s new book The Girl in the Fort. Then of course there is the rambunctious Sledge Lit raffle, which this year is being hosted by the notorious Sarah Pinborough and the lovely Gary McMahon. Also who can forget the gorgeous Pixie Peigh whose smiling countenance brightens up our day (she pretends she’s a grump, but Pixie is the heart of the convention and we all love her and her raffle tickets).

So why not come along, you can find more info, the schedule and tickets here.


Fantasycon launch of Great British Horror 2: Dark Satanic Mills

For anyone going to Fantasycon; Black Shuck Books are launching Great British Horror 2: Dark Satanic Mills, at 4 o’clock on the Friday in the Broadway Suite.Great British Horror 2 - with Penny Jones writer

I’ll be there scribbling in books, you’ll be able to tell who I am as I’ll be the really excited person, who may have had a tad too much to drink (I know it’s early, but I’ll need it to get over my nerves), and will probably have a face covered in cake (The editor has bribed me with cake, but he’s done this before and the cake is always a lie 😢).

Black Shuck Books has a special offer for all Fantasycon attendees, where you can get Great British Horror 2: Dark Satanic Mills, and John Llewellyn Probert’s Made for the Dark, at the special convention price of £35.00 for both titles. You can find the offer here.

So please come along and help fend off the terrible imposter syndrome that I am suffering from (I can’t guarantee there will be cake, but I can guarantee there will be books).

Web(sites) and (Google)spiders

Or the horror of setting up your website

As a writer I can see the pros of using computers (mainly the ease of reading my notes when typed, rather than having to try and decipher the scrawling which is my handwriting), and the joys of the internet (the convention buzz never has to end).

Edge Lit T-shirt

However I have been putting off getting my own website set up, I only caved in because Steve Shaw of Black Shuck Books wanted to know my website details for my bio in the upcoming anthology Dark Satanic Mills which you can find here.

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